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The Internet Is Cracking Up At This Viral Video Of A Grandma’s “Technique” For Folding Fitted Sheets

No one seems to really know how to fold a fitted sheet. We all struggle with it each and every time. However, this grandma shows her unique technique to folding her fitted sheet in the most hilarious way.

Terri Metz is very relatable. Folding a fitted sheet is a struggle. However, she decided to show us how easy folding a fitted sheet can be. The video begins simple enough. She explains what she is doing and lays the fitted sheet down on the ground. But it all goes downhill from there as soon as she lays down on top of the sheet.

As soon as she lays on the fitted sheet, it becomes more and more funny.

She begins by inserting each of her hands and feet into each corner of the fitted sheet. From there, she stretches each of the corners as far as her body can reach. At this point, it is obvious the person filming her is trying to hold back laughter at this hilarious scene.

From there, she then folds herself over and slides one of her hands out followed by both her feet. Terri then slides herself out of the sheet, which is now folded in half. She then, excitedly, folds up the rest of the fitted sheet and tells us to be proud of our work. It is obvious why this hilarious video is making everyone laugh all over the internet.

Check out this hilarious video for yourself to see how to fold a fitted sheet and have fun doing so!

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